The UV DRYER 4030 is most suitable for Flat and Oval objects. The objects are placed lying down on the stainless steel belt conveyor and pass in straight line through the curing chamber. It is designed to cure by placing the object lying down on the belt conveyor with the printed side up. UV ink on the bottles is cured in the dryer by mean of a UV lamp which generates UV rays directly to the bottle surface. Thus the surface of the bottles going through curing chamber will be exposed and cured. A suction blower is used to cool UV lamp and ventilation as well ozone exhaust.


  • Feature a precise parabolic reflector curing the objects with the lowest energy
  • Electronic Power Ballast: Control from 0 to 100%
  • Variable speed of the turntables
  • Cure large containers with adjustable mandrels for different object diameter
Dimensions : 1280 X 1730 X 1430 mm
Power : 5Kw


Max height 360 mm
Max Diameter/width 330 mm
Blower specification
Volume 14 m³/mm
Exhaust diameter for ozone 80 mm
Air pressure 6 bar
Output Up to 700 Pcs/h

flat objects