The Flame Treatment 45 well known and proven it is The Universal Flame Treating machine, the DUBUIT 45 is equipped as standard with tooling to enable treatment of most kinds of object such as Cylindrical, Conical, Oval and Flat. Cylindrical and Conical bottles are rotating 6 times in front of 2 tracking burners. This, coupled with our triple row burners, ensures a very high degree of treatment, which is especially important to ensure excellent adhesion. This Flame Treater can be used to flame objects to feed simultaneously 2 or 3 semi-automatic printers. Output speed up to 4,000 objects per hour. Change over in a matter of minutes.

  • Well-known and proven flame treating machine
  • Enable Treatment of most kinds of object (Different Tooling)
  • Lower cost with more valuable investment

Dimensions : 540X1740X1350 mm
Power : 0.4 kW


Max height or width of treated surface 300 mm
Conveyor Speed 15-20 m/min
Air Consumption 7-12 Nm³/h
Gas consumption 0.4-1 Nm³/h
Output Up to 3000 Pcs/h