The UV dryer 4039 feature a special parabolic reflector, which bounces the UV rays all around inside the drying tunnel so that practically any shape of object will be cured. Due to this unique reflector system, there is no need for focusing of the lamp which makes the 4039 the easiest to operate. Also, objects with vast shape differences can be dried simultaneously. Objects to be cured are loaded on the stainless steel plate conveyor in front of machine. After passing through the drying tunnel, the cured objects are dropped on a belt conveyor at the left side of the machine. Output speed up to 4,000 objects per hour. A suction blower is used to cool UV lamp and ventilation as well ozone exhaust.


  • Two semi auto printers for a single UV dryer
  • Electronic Power Ballast: Control from 0 to 100%
  • Cures all various size of objects at once
  • Features a special reflector bouncing the UV rays all around inside

Dimensions : 1605 X 3050 X 1420 mm
Power : 8 to 9 Kw


Max height 330 mm
Max Diameter/width 220 mm
Conveyor speed 0-14 m/min

semi automatic screen printing machine 150M objects