The LED UV dryer 4040 has been designed to cure on flat object using European LED technology. The LED module is placed on the side of the conveyor, and will automatically switch on when the object will pass in front of the LED. It can be equipped with 1 or 2 LED module in order to treat either 1 or the 2 sides of a flat or slightly oval object. Each LED can be controlled individually.

The LED technology is environmental friendly as it doesn’t create ozone, compare to standard UV Mercury lamp. Also, the electric consumption can be reduce by more than 70%.  In addition the LED can last 20 times more than standard UV lamp.

As there is no need for blower to cool down the lamp and duct the ozone out of working area, this drier is soundproof.

LED are available in 80mm,160mm and 240mm length, with a power of 12 or 16W/cm2.