The UV DRYER 4150 is used to cure large diameter containers such as PAILS for instance. A turntable with 6 mandrels transfers the objects to the enclosed curing station. The objects placed on the mandrels are then rotated one full turn in front of the lamp. The mandrels are adjustable to different object diameters. These UV dryers feature a precision parabolic reflector that focuses the UV rays in the object surface to ensure optimum curing using the lowest energy. The distance between the object and the reflector assembly is adjustable from the outside for easy focusing. The UV system equipped with full and half power and the variable speed of the turntable provide infinite adjustment of the drying efficiency. Output speed up to 700 objects per hour. A suction blower is used to cool UV lamp and ventilation as well ozone exhaust.

  • Equipped with full and half power of UV system
  • Feature a precise parabolic reflector curing the objects with the lowest energy
  • Variable speed of the turntables
  • Cure large containers with adjustable mandrels for different object diameter

Dimensions : 1280 X 1730 X 1430 mm
Power : 5 Kw



Max height 360 mm
Max Diameter/width 330 mm
Blower specification
Volume 14 m³/mm
Exhaust diameter for ozone 80 mm
Air pressure 6 bar
Output Up to 350 Pcs/h

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