The Flame Treater 49 well known and proven Flame Treating machine, the DUBUIT 49 is equipped as standard with tooling to enable treatment of objects such as Pails (Cylindrical and Oval shape), Crates. Placing the object on the machine will start the cycle. The burner is lit and moves towards the object and stops when the cam roller comes in contact with the base of the object. When the treatment is finished, the burner moves backward in order to allow the removal of the treated object and to replace it by another one. Output speed up to 4,000 objects per hour (depending on object)

  • Practical use for crate, Pail, and Oval objects
  • Treat various size of objects without any tooling
  • Less maintenance , more durability

Dimensions : 750X900X1236.5 mm
Power : 0.4 Kw



Height 230-350 mm
Pail & Oval objects 
Diameter 140 - 400 mm
Crate Objects
Diagonal Distance 400 - 600 mm
Conveyor Speed 12 - 25 m/min
 Gas consumption  0.4-1 Nm³/h
 Output  Up to 400 Pcs/h