The 249 automatic screen printing machine is a revolutionary new printer from Dubuit. It is faster, cheaper and easier to maintain. Designed for the changing market of today, it can print cylindrical, flat or oval objects. It has a modular design So you can add additional printing module at a later date which allows you to respond to the market faster.

The 249 can be configured from 1 up to 10 colors in-line. It uses UV technology for quick drying, strong colors and a sharp printing process.


  • Speed up to 4000 objects/hour
  • Infeed conveyor front, rear or side entry
  • Up to 10 colors inline
  • Split configuration for simple or multiple production
  • Modular construction

Dimensions :

  • 2 colors :    1560 X 3560 X 2100 mm
  • 3 colors :    1560 x 4460 x 2100 mm
  • 4 colors :    1560 x 5360 x 2100 mm

Power (Entry and Print module) : 10 Kw 

Weight M/C : 1000Kg/station



Cylindrical printing 20-125 mm
Oval printing
Thickness 20-90 mm
Printing Radius 24-190 mm
Flat printing
Thickness 20-90 mm
Output Up to 4000 Pcs/h

cylindrical oval flat objects