The EXCELLENCE (252E) automatic screen printing machine is specially designed for printing on FLAT or OVAL containers up to 5 liters and other objects such as Battery Cases using UV drying. The UV curing unit is installed on the out-feed conveyor (after the printing station).

The EXCELLENCE (252E) machine is built as a single color module, which can be connected to other modules in a multi-color printing line (up to 6 colors) and has a long in-feed conveyor to provide accumulation for convenient feeding. High speed output up to 4,000 prints per hour and up can be achieved. The chain runs continuously.


 Dimensions :

1 color :    1330 X 2820 X 2100 mm

Power (Entry and Print module) : 8.5 Kw

Weight M/C : 1000Kg/station



Height(all objects) 70-320 mm
Oval printing  
Thickness 20-120 mm
Printing Radius 40-250 mm
Flat printing  
Thickness 20-125 mm
Printing Radius 20-125 mm
Output Up to 4000 Pcs/h

flat objects