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Automatic Screen Printing Pail Machaine
We are happy to announce the launching our new Pail Printing Machine that can print a maximum 8 colors With UV ink. For more info please contact our sales (contacts)
Universal high speed UV 249
(For Flat, Oval and cylindrical object)
The 249 machine is a revolutionary new printer from Dubuit. It is faster, cheaper and easier to maintain. Designed for the changing market of today, it can print cylindrical, flat or oval objects.
(For Flat, Oval object)
The EXCELLENCE (252E) is specially designed for printing on FLAT or OVAL containers up to 5 liters and other objects such as Battery Cases using UV drying. The UV curing unit is installed on the outfeed conveyor (after the printing station).
(For cylindrical object)
The EVIDENCE (308) has been designed to print one or several colors on CYLINDRICAL object. Both UV and conventional dryer can be implemented on this machine when most of consumer products are printed with UV ink
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